Saturday, September 10, 2011

Butterfly Birthday Cake and Ladybug Appetizers and other Yummy Treats

My baby girl just turned one. Since she is too young to pick out her own theme for the party, I selected a garden theme. Butterflies and ladybugs we the insects of the day. I had fun researching cute bug ideas. I decided on two kids of ladybug cheese and crackers for appetizers.

This is a Ritz cracker with some garlic cream cheese spread I made.  But you could easily use a store bought spread.  Cherry tomatoes halved and then quartered (to make lady bug wings).  Use half of a black olive for the head and two small cuttings of chives for the antennas. Use gel food coloring to die a small amount of the cheese spread black.  Place black cheese spread into a sealed plastic baggie (making a pipping bag) and place tiny spots on the lady bug wings.  To die for cute.

These were simple too.  Ritz crackers, a piece of pepperoni, a round piece of cheese cut in half, and half of a black olive for the head. Cutting the cheese was the hardest part.  I use Mini BabyBell cheese.  And I cut each wheel in thirds.

This is the butterfly birthday cake I made.  The butterfly on top of the sheet cake is made out of a 9 inch round cake pan.  The butterflies body is made out of yellow M&Ms.  Licorice was perfect for the antennas.

These butterfly cupcake were easy to make.  I used pretzels for wings,  an M&M for a head, black licorice for antennas, and the body was pipped in using pink frosting. A cute yummy treat.

This was her smash cake.  She didn't do much smashing.  She didn't like getting messy. But she loved eating it.

Lastly, each guest was given two cookies to take home and eat --
one butterfly and one flower.

 Overall, it was a fun party to plan.  I know my daughter will not remember this party.  But that is besides the point.  It was a wonderful celebration of her fabulous first year of firsts.   I enjoy having my family and friends over and sharing with them the food I created in honor of my daughter.   It is one of the best ways I know how to show my love --- my love for the little girl I was honoring (my daughter) and the guests I invited.

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