Thursday, October 28, 2010

It all started with getting up early with the farmer

It all started with getting up early with the farmer.  So my darling husband usually gets out of bed with my farmer son at 5 am.  I say farmer son because somewhere in our vast farmlands in the USA there is a farmer who has a son who won't get up and out of bed early.  And my son, born into a life in the suburbs of Chicago, wants to wake up at 4 am.  We keep him in bed until 5 am with the help of the Goodnite Lite, which is an alarm that is attached to a circle which changed from a moon to a sun depending on the time you set.  We have him in his crib waiting and playing by himself for an hour.  Not that we are sleeping during that 4 to 5 o'clock hour, but at least we are resting in our bed.

So as I was saying, my darling husband usually gets out of bed with my son at 5 am.  I rest for a bit longer, then get up, put my makeup on, and get ready for the day.  Because once that kid-horse-race starts a-movin' there is not much that slows it down.  Today my husband was really sleepy, so when the farmer woke up at 4 am, I rested until 4:30 and then got up, put my makeup on, and got ready for the day.  You read me right -- I put makeup on at 4:30 am in order to get a head start on my son.  The things that we do to maintain some form of what we used to look like before kids.  I used to be quite put together, so in order to not look like a complete disaster -- I get up early to get ready for the day. Once the horse race starts, I never look in a mirror again.   Anyway, I got up with my farmer at 5 am.

We had a fine morning playing with trains and what not.  At 6:20 am my husband came downstairs with my four month old in arm - lucky me she usually sleeps until about 8:30 am -- wow I am glad she woke up nice and early today.  So, I make my husband a breakfast to go sandwich, and he is out the door 5 minutes later. And mommy is at the starting blocks....... she is off and running.  I breastfeed my daughter, put her down to play, and make my farmer his breakfast -- all while returning a friend's phone call -- I have a phone operator's head set that allows me to multitask at peak performance. 

Once I clean up after my farmer's breakfast, the horse race started to move a bit faster.  My daughter was screaming, so I went to her and she had pooped though her cute outfit.  I cleaned her up and gave her a bath -- and yes, after that she needed a bath.  I put her on a towel on the ground only to notice that my farmer's diaper (my husband was the last one to change him -- the only reason this is important is I didn't want to take the blame for this poorly fasten diaper -- I was way too tired and the day was way too young for me to start blaming myself) was hanging somewhere around his knees.  I tacked that pony to the ground and found out that he was soaking wet with pee -- shirt, pants, and socks.  Yeah!!! Another twist in the track.  I took his clothing off and put a new diaper on him. I then looked around the house for a wet pee spot on the carpet, so I could take care of my home. Luckily, I found nothing -- he only peed on himself.  So, I had a naked daughter rolling off her towel on my family room floor and a naked but diapered farmer son sitting in his Little Tike Cozy Coupe in front of the TV.  I put the dirty clothing in the wash and glanced at the clock -- it was 7:40 am -- wow that is a lot of action -- I guess this makes up for watching a little Oprah in the afternoon IF they both take a nap at the same time today.  And this all started with getting up early with the farmer.

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