Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Romantic Anniversary Gift

The most romantic gifts aren't diamonds and emeralds.  Don't get me wrong jewelry is always a big hit, but it doesn't go in the romantic category.  Yesterday was my husband and my 8th wedding Anniversary.  My husband came home from work yesterday with this..........

Now although anyone looking at this flower arrangement may say,"oh that is pretty."  It would end there.  Flowers are always a nice treat, but they usually don't invoke tears.  But this flower arrangement put tears in my eyes.  As I was starring at it speechless, my husband asked, "do you recognize this arrangement?"

"Of course," I say, "it is my wedding bouquet."  And I continue to stare at the flowers as my heart is rushed filled with memories of that sacred day. My wedding bouquet was a tight ball of red roses with highlights of white stephanotis flowers.  It was beautiful. Here is my bouquet.

The florist told my husband that the stephanotis flowers are used for weddings, but they really don't last for more than one day. So she used some filler flowers in the flower arrangement she made so there would be flowers present when the stephanotis withered.

I am very Blessed to have such a wonderful thoughtful husband.

I live "La bella vita" -- the beautiful life    


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww..really beautiful flowers. Roses are always a symbol of love and eternity but roses are pretty common. If you are in search for something different to give to your love Bouvardia flowers are certainly the good option. These flowers are basically originated in Mexico and seen as a symbol of life and Enthusiasm. These are grouped under Rub case, and looks best if you give them in a good bouquets.

  3. the backdrop for a wide range of bright flowers. I think it turned out super cute! We used lots of dahlias, roses, stock, bupleurum, hydrangea, orchids, etc for a fun, bold array of colors. Enjoy! valentine's day flowers


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