Thursday, June 7, 2012

Large Utility Tote -- one of my favorites

There are many uses for this large utility tote -- here are 10 uses I have found:

1. Diaper changing station in my family room
2. Tote in my car trunk to help organize everything I have back there
3. Bring the tote in the grocery store and put it in the cart -- fill with groceries and refill after you  
          have checked out -- no plastic bags to bring home -- I love being green
4. Bring to Costco (big box store) helpful to carry items home 
5. Going to the pool
6. Holding extra towel, sheets, blankets etc... in the closet (organizational)
7. Packing things up to go to grandma's house
8. Going to kid's sports/ activities -- holds equipment, extra clothing, snacks, water bottles, etc...
9. Going to the library with the kids
10. Large "go-to" bag for me --- I now own 4 -- and that seems to be what I need.

A while back my girlfriend Kristy invited me to her sister Casey's home for a Thirty-One party.  At the time, I had never heard of Thirty-one; I was just looking for a couple hours out of the house without my adorable babies, hanging out with a bunch of girls, and maybe even doing a little shopping.  Sounded like a great night to me.  I had no idea what types of products Thirty-One sold.  It turns out Thirty-One sells useful tote bags, cute purses, accessories, and organization products.

Since then, I have bought several items for myself and gifts for others. I think one of the best parts of this company is the fact that you can personalize almost anything for $7. I like the personal touch. I like how cute the totes, purses, and organization products turn out. And I like that it feels like a deal to personalize it.

I know most women have totes already – but who doesn’t like to add one more “girlfriend” (tote/purse) to their collection.

The customer special for June is a very useful large utility tote -- it stands up on its own, it has a metal frame that helps keep its structure, and it collapses easily for storage purposes.  It is the first tote I bought at Casey's party. I love it.

If you make a $35 purchase, you can get the large tote for $10.  The way I plan on doing it is to buy one large tote for full price $35 and get the second large tote for $10.  SOOOO  if you add the price of the two totes together and divide by two -- each tote is $22.50 -- and that is a great deal.  Keep one -and give one as a gift -- or buy a few sets of two and figure out which family members or friends are getting this for a Christmas gift.  It is a substantial tote for $22.50.

The question is how many do you need?

This tote comes in many different colors, and it can be personalized or not.

If you are interested in getting more information about this special, email me, tweet me,  or go to

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