Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Baby Shower gift -- the perfect gift is the gift of your well earned experience

What to pack --- what to pack?  When you are going to have a baby, there are all sorts of things that need to be accomplished before the baby's arrival.  I remember making lists.  I think one of the items on my to do list was to make a list -- no kidding -- I actually wrote make a hospital packing list on my to do list.  I laughed when I went back to my to do list the next day and read make a list on my list. Anyway after having my two little ones I think I learned what was important to pack in my hospital bag and what wasn't. This new found information is not going to help me anymore because I don't plan on having more children.  So this is useless information floating around in my brain.

A few months back, my girlfriend Kristen was pregnant with her first little joy; since then she has given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Carter.  But back then, her up coming baby shower had me stumped for a perfect gift. She is a dear friend, and I wanted to do something special for her; I figure anybody can buy something off a registry.  Now I am not bashing the concept of the registry.  New mommys and daddys need lots of baby stuff.  Anyone who has had a baby shower knows that some of the items we place on the registry we never use; we all get swept up my the magical baby brain and zap too many odd items with the registry zapper machine.  Anyway this is not about discussing the necessity of the items on the registry.  But it is about putting together a thoughtful useful gift that is not part of the registry.

So here is my mommy bright idea that you can use for your next baby shower -- it was a hit with everyone.

I bought a laundry basket (for my gift bag - which they can used to carry the baby's laundry to and from the laundry room) filled with baby necessities that usually don't make it on a registry --- but are super essential. I added helpful tags to each item with the product's best use on the tag. Mostly it was essential baby items, but I tossed in a few of my favorite baby items and a couple toys/books. It was a beautiful gift. Lastly, let's go back to the start of this entry.  The hospital packing list.  I typed up a great hospital bag packing list for her and added that to the gift.  This way she will not have to write make a hospital bag packing list on her to do list.

* Just a side note: I have not been paid to talk about these products.  They are just the products that I have come to love through personal trial and error.

Hospital Packing List
Pack at least two weeks earlier then you think you need to
Mommy/Daddy Needs

Comfy clothing to change into after the
“First Shower”

Razor and shaving cream
Shampoo and Conditioner
Comfy underwear – cotton – (pick ones that if you have to toss out, it would be ok)
Nursing bra
Disposable nursing pads (6 )
Hairclip or band
Jewelry (whatever you want to wear after baby is born – small earrings and necklace – I feel naked without my girlie accessories – but maybe that is just me)

Makeup (I am sure you will not want a lot, but I know I wanted some mascara – it made me feel a little better and remember there will be lots of pictures taken)

Lotion (light scent or no scent)
Slippers to walk around hospital
Toothbrush for you
Toothbrush for hubby (he’ll think you are the most thoughtful wife EVER!)
Change of clothing and slippers for hubby (comfy)
Camera equipment (make sure everything is charged)
List of people you want Daddy /your Mom etc... to text or call for you to let them know about the baby’s arrival (this way you don’t have to think about it)

No perfume (don’t want your mommy scent to be confusing to new breastfeeding baby – let baby smell you)

Small plastic accordion folder (that snaps shut or has a tie that closes - this is good for collecting all the
small piece of information the nurses/doctors give you - information sheets, baby’s hearing test, misc. papers, baby’s ID band, Mommy and Daddy’s ID -- keepsakes)

Extra duffel bag (help you bring home gifts from people and extra stuff hospital gives you)
Baby book (so you can have a nurse put the baby’s foot prints in the book for you – they do this all day long it will be harder for you to do this at home)

Spiral notebook (need this to make a log of baby’s feeding and diaper changes)
Insurance information (baby pre-approval number and phone number)

Baby Needs
Nail clippers
Sleeper with hand covers (good to go home outfit)

*Must drink lots of water after you give birth (we will chat about this later)

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