Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

It has been raining for days now, and I am feeling the change of seasons the way all stay at home moms (or I should say stay at home parent) feel it.  No longer having the option to go outside and play is painful -- it is painful for the kids and painful for the parent. I have been trying to think of things to do inside.  I feel out of practice.  During the summer, we play outside so much that I am out of practice creating inside activities.  This craft is an easy one to start the indoor season off with -- I remember making pipe cleaner spiders when I was little.  Talk about easy craft for toddlers. I am sure you made these, and if you didn't you are never too old to give them a try. Here they are ---- 

All you need is:

black and orange pom poms (I like getting the bigger size)
black pipe cleaners
googly eyes
glue kids can use

hot glue gun (this is for you to use when the kid glue doesn't quite work; you can make some quick glue fixes)

Take 4 pipe cleaners and twist the 4 of them together in the center.  Then glue the pom pom on where you have twisted the pipe cleaners (this is where the hot glue works better than regular glue).  Now it is time to glue the googly eyes. Lastly, bend the spider legs.  Fun easy project -- and my son loves playing with them by moving them around the house.

Happy Halloween

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