Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Easy Valentine's ... Swedish Fish Bowls

I saw this idea in Family Fun Magazine.  It is super cute and best of all it is super easy.  I created all the parts, and my kids put the Valentine together.  I started this project yesterday afternoon and finished a couple hours later.  You know what part took the longest?  Finding Swedish Fish.  I went to three stores.  So if you know where to locate these yummy gummy fish, the project itself is fast and fun for the kids.

Items to gather before you start:

blue card stock, or blue construction paper, or blue paper
small clear treat baggies
Swedish Fish (gummy fish)
something to tie the baggies with (ribbon, twisties, string etc...)
regular scissors 
scissors that cut with a curvy edge or regular scissors (you have to cut the waves by hand - up and down with your scissors)

Depending on how old your kids are they can help with the entire process. I have a four year old and a two year old, so they couldn't join in on the fun until step three.

First Step:

Cut the blue paper a bit shorter than the width of the clear baggies so it fits inside.  And only about half has tall as the baggie; you have to leave enough room to use the ribbon or twistie to close the baggie. After you have all the little blue squares cut, cut the top of the blue paper with the curvy scissors or use the regular scissors in an up and down fashion to create the appearance of a wave.  This is going to be the water background for the fish.
Second Step:

Write on the wavy water background you just created.  The suggestions from Family Fun Magazine are:
I am glad you are in my school, It's ofFISHial - you're awsome, and I FISH you were mine.  So cute with the fish at the bottom of the "bowl" aka baggie.  I added a heart and my child's name.

Third Step:

This is when my kids joined the process.  I set the project up like a little assembly line; they loved it.  They put the water (blue paper) in the fish bowl (clear baggie) and then put five fish in the bowl on the same side as the little note I wrote about being in "school together."  And lastly, they placed their small Valentine on the backside of the water.  And I tied the bowl (clear baggie) closed.  It was a great afternoon project.  It used various skills: listening to directions, following the process, and counting.

And the best part is it looks special even though it didn't take must time or money to add something to the simple Valentine card.

Thanks again Family Fun!