Friday, December 2, 2011

Holding my son's hand makes me cry

His perfect hand makes me cry.  Or is it the fact that he wants to hold my hand that makes me cry?  I think it is the latter. I sit between both of my kid when we eat. Zuzu, my daughter, to my right and Aidan to my left. Every once in awhile Aidan wants to hold my left hand while he eats. He says,"hold Hands mommy." It never fails to affect me. It is a moment like this when I can actually feel my heart inside my chest. His hand is so perfect, so small, so soft, so perfect, did I mention it is perfect.  There are so few things that are perfect -- I am not one of these people who believe in perfection.  I usually would say that perfection doesn't exist and the pursuit of it is self-defeating. I love being a mommy. I am not saying that staying at home with my babies is perfect all the time because it is challenging to work a full day with not even as much as a solo potty break.  But it is that moment he grabs my hand that makes the challenging moments melt away and my life feels perfect.